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Teams Meeting Recordings on SharePoint and OneDrive

Teams meeting recordings have changed. Recordings are now saved automatically to either SharePoint or OneDrive.

Teams meeting recordings are now on SharePoint and OneDrive

As of 27th July, 2021 our Teams meeting recordings are automatically saved to SharePoint or OneDrive and can be accessed from the Office 365 web portal or directly in Stream on SharePoint at 

Here you can still access Stream Classic until it is retired by Microsoft at the end of March 2024.  ISG Apps Service Management are finalising procedures to support you to save any videos you manually uploaded to Steam Classic and need to keep.  Resources will be published in November / December 2023, allowing you three months to save  your video content to Stream on SharePoint. 

General Information on the Change

How does recording work now? 


  Captions / Transcription  

 What if something goes wrong?

Can I delete my recordings in OneDrive and Sharepoint?

Will Stream still be available?