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Teams Meeting Recordings on SharePoint and OneDrive

Teams meeting recordings have changed. Recordings are now saved automatically to either SharePoint or OneDrive.

Teams meeting recordings are now on SharePoint and OneDrive

As of 27th July, 2021 our Teams meeting recordings are automatically saved to SharePoint or OneDrive and can be accessed from the Office 365 web portal or directly in Stream on SharePoint at 

Here you can still access Stream Classic until it is retired by Microsoft at the end of March 2024.  ISG Apps Service Management are finalising procedures to support you to save any videos you manually uploaded to Steam Classic and need to keep.  Resources will be published in November / December 2023, allowing you three months to save  your video content to Stream on SharePoint. 


Microsoft Stream, which is part of Microsoft 365, is a video creation and collaboration service available to users at the University of Edinburgh. As of March 2024, Stream Classic will be retired and accessing using this feature will now be under Stream on Sharepoint.


What is changing?

Stream Classic retirement will mean all content remaining on this platform will be automatically deleted by Microsoft. Steps have been taken to make those who have continued to save content on Stream Classic aware of this change and have encouraged recordings to be made within Stream on Sharepoint. Additionally, all Teams meeting recordings have been automatically saved to Stream on Sharepoint since 2021. 


From January 2024, all remaining content on Stream Classic will be migrated over to Stream on Sharepoint. This is intended to prevent old content on Stream Classic from being lost once the retirement is applied permanently by Microsoft. 


What will the change mean for me as a user?

If you have been using Stream on Sharepoint since 2021, you will not need to take any action. Any old content that remains on Stream Classic will be migrated over to Stream on Sharepoint where you will be able to access it going forward.



Migration of old content on Stream Classic will begin in January 2024. It is important that once the migration starts, no further content is saved to Stream Classic. Any new content from the start of the migration period may not be migrated over, and lost by March 2024. 


How will I know when it's happened?

Those with old content on Stream Classic will be notified by email in January 2024 that migration has started. Users do not need to take any further steps for their content to be moved onto Stream on Sharepoint. However, no new content must be added to Stream Classic after this point. Instead, please continue to use Stream on Sharepoint as you usually would to create and view your recordings.


Banner visage to users on Stream Classic
Banner visage to users on Stream Classic



How do I get in contact/feedback?

If you want to provide feedback to Microsoft about Stream, you can use their Stream Feedback portal here: Microsoft Stream · Community


If you wish to provide feedback about the information we are providing about the migration, please use the following form linked here.


FAQs on the Change

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