Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress Jan-March 2018

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in the Wellcome Auditorium at 4pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group Title
26 January 2018

Jessie-May Morgan

Prof Sarah Walmsley

'The influence of hypoxia on neutrophil morphological changes and actin dynamics'

2 February 2018

Prof Chris Gregory

Chair of Inflammatory Cell Biology

Apoptosis and the “onco-regenerative niche"

9 February 2018

Ruairi Lynch

Tracie Plant

Dr Steve Jenkins

Prof Sarah Walmsley

'A Novel Role for IL-4 in Monocyte Dynamics'

'Semaphore for neutrophils'

16 February 2018

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23 February 2018

Dr Beth Mills

Prof Kevin Dhaliwal

'Developing Technologies to Visualise Bacteria in Humans’

2 March 2018

Dr Calum Robb

Prof Adriano Rossi

'Manipulation of immune cell function: implications for resolution of inflammation'

9 March 2018

Emily Watts

Francesco Vacca

Prof Sarah Walmsley

Dr Henry McSorley

'Hypoxic Regulation of Neutrophilic Inflammation'

'Helminth-derived inhibitors of the IL-33 pathway'