Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress Aug - Dec 2019

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in the Wellcome Auditorium at 4pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
23 August 2019 Valentina Rausch (Final) Carsten Hansen "The Hippo Pathway Regulates Caveolae Expression and Mediates Flow Response via Caveolae"

Jamie Scott (Final)

Marc Vendrell

"Novel Fluorescent Probes For Monitoring T Cell Localisation and Activity"

06 September 2019 Antonio Maglitto Elaine Dzierzak "Gpr56 and Gpr97 play redundant roles in regulating haematopoiesis"

Nicole Barth

Ian Dransfield "The development of a novel imaging platform for the detection of apoptosis"
13 September 2019  Dyana Markose (Final) Neil Henderson "Investigating macrophage heterogeneity and function following acute liver injury"
20 Septmeber 2019

Cecilia Boz

Nik Hirani "Iron metabolism in alveolar macrophages of IPF patients"
  Chikondi Peno Debby Boagaert "Development of respiratory microbiota , effects of immunization, and consequences for respiratory health in Gambian infants"
27 September 2019 Lucile Neyton Damian Mole "Integrated systems biology of multiple organ dysfunction in acute pancreatitis"
  Utsa Karmakar Sonja Vermeren "Characterising internalisation of insoluble immune complexes by human neutrophils"
04 October 2019 Emily Thompson Marc Vendrell "Novel biomarkers for therapeutic response in IBD"
   Irina Komarova Sonja Vermeren "Pathophysiological basis of neutrophil dysfunction in different chronic liver diseases"
11 October 2019 Piotr Janas Jurgen Schwarze "Do airway epithelial cells “remember” early-life microbial exposure through epigenetic changes?"
  Eoin O'Sullivan David Farenbach "Single cell transcriptomics reveals renal senescent cell heterogeneity"
25 October 2019 Jonathan Gillan Robert Gray "The Role of Macrophages in Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease"
  Tyler Morrison Sarah Walmsley

"Defining the role of glucose in regulating neutrophil metabolism"

01 November 2019

Gareth Hardisty

Robert Gray "The role of Calprotectin during chronic inflammation in Cystic Fibrosis lung disease"
08 November 2019 Omar Salem Carsten Hansen "The Hippo Pathway in Prostate Cancer"
  Magdalena Oremek Adriano Rossi "Linking resolution of inflammation and tissue repair -the role of the inflammatory cells"
15 November 2019 Katie Connor Stephen Wigmore "Harnessing MicroRNAs in Renal Transplantation"
  Philip Emanuel Kev Dhaliwal "Alveolar Epithelial Senescence in Acute Lung Injury"
22 November 2019

Sam Benson


Marc Vendrell


"Development of Novel Theranostic Probes for the Identification and Ablation of Cancerous Tissue"

  Melina Michael Sonja Vermeren "The role of SHIP2 in neutrophils"
29 November 2019 Holly Rocliffe Jenna Cash "Harnessing anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving pathways to drive healing of acute and chronic skin wounds"
  Maria Panagopoulou Chris Gregory "Imaging blood-borne extracellular vesicles to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy"
06 December 2019 Simone Arienti Adriano Rossi "Investigating the metabolic plasticity of inflammatory neutrophils during infection"
  Lilian Koppensteiner  (Final) Debby Bogaert  "Investigating the interactions between pathobionts, commensals and host cells of the respiratory tract in vitro"