Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress April-Aug 2017

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in the Wellcome Auditorium at 4pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group Title
21 April 2017 Pallavi Bedi Dr Adam Hill 'Lipoxin A4 - a novel lipid mediator in bronchiectasis'
28 April 2017

Phoebe Kirkwood


Thane Campbell

Professor Philippa Saunders

Dr Kevin Dhaliwal

'Profiling endometrial pericytes reveals roles in endometrial repair'



5 May 2017 Dr Lara Campana   'A novel role for phospho-STAT3 as a positive regulator of macrophage phagocytosis via IL10 and IL6'
12 May 2017 Dr Calum Bain   'Why Sex is Important: Exploring the Origin of Peritoneal Macrophages'
26 May 2017 Dr Rolly Wiegand Head of CALM Facility 'Which scope shall I use?' - A brief guide to optical imaging technologies for biomedical research available in the CIR and beyond
2 June 2017 Oliver Kay (Final) Professor Steve Anderton 'MiR-21: A key role in antigen specific tolerance?'

9 June 2017

Auditorium A - Chancellors Building, refreshments served after in Drum (QMRI)

Dr Emily Findlay Gwyer   'Dendritic cell immunotherapy enhanced by a neutrophil peptide' 
16 June 2017

Lucile Neyton

Francesco Vacca

Mr Damian Mole

Dr Henry McSorley

'Integrated systems biology of multiple organ dysfunction in acute pancreatitis'

'Modulation of the RSV-induced IL-33-dependent type 2 immune responses by parasite products'

23 June 2017 Dr Zhuan Li Professor Elaine Dzierzak 'A role for microglia in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell emergence in the embryonic brain'

30 June 2017

Auditorium B - Chancellors Building, refreshments served after in Drum (QMRI)

Nicole Barth

Maria Panagopoulou 

Professor Ian Dransfield

Professor Chris Gregory

‘A novel imaging platform for the detection of apoptotic cells’

'Imaging blood-borne extracellular vesicles to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy'

Organiser: Karen Colvin (Karen.Colvin@ed.ac.uk)