Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress Jan-Mar 2023

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in QMRI Wellcome Auditorium  at 15:00 and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
12th January Stuart Dickson Kev Dhaliwal "Validating molecular alveoscopy in ex-vivo lung perfusion and respiratory critical care"
Navita Lal Beth Mills "Elucidating novel targets for microbial keratitis diagnosis and treatment"
Alex Cavanagh Gwo-Tzer Ho "Investigating the role of intestinal M cells in Crohn's disease pathogenesis"
Caroline Pumpe Sonja Vermeren "Modulation of Neutrophilic Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis by Autoantibody Glycosylation"
19th January Rebecca Ainslie Doug Gibson "Defining the impact of androgens on uterine immune cell function during endometrial repair"
Julia Lee Sarah Walmsley "Defining neutrophil functions in Glioblastoma Multiforme"
Sarah Kelly Manu Shankar-Hari "Impact of removing circulating cell-free DNA/neutrophil extracellular traps on modifying lung injury"
Hanya Liu Iain Murray "Return to Golf Following Hip Arthoscopy"
26th January Paula Lusarreta Parga Debby Bogaert "Microbiome-Host interactions explaining acute infections and exacerbations of COPD"
  Jessica Ghobrial Kev Dhaliwal "The role of extracellular vesicles in cellular communication during lung injury"
  Michaela Noskova Carsten Hansen "Zebrafish Larvae Model for Precision Medicine in Cancer"
  Rachel Martin Laura McCullogh "New strategies for post-stroke pneumonia"
2nd February Broc Drury Calum Bain "Interrogating Monocyte-stromal Cell Crosstalk in the Intestine"
  Aerin Thompson  Adriano Rossi  "Repair and regeneration: an investigation of key inflammatory cells using a zebrafish tainfin injury model"
  Siyuan Xie Gareth Williams "An asynchronous imaging/processing approach for real-time laser scanning fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy"
  Molly Osborn  Public Engagement & Communications Manager

"Public Engagement and Communications at CIR - Available projects and support"

9th February Siyang Jia Carsten Hansen "Mechanotransduction in Prostate Cancer - Does the Hippo control it all?"
Claire Adams Calum Bain "Monocyte/Macrophage Immunometabolism in IBD"
16th February MID TERM HOLIDAYS - NO RIP    
23rd February Duncan Rutherford Gwo-Tzer Ho "Investigating mitochondrial dysfunction in determining the colonic epithelial phenotype in Ulcerative Colitis"


9th March Emma Howie Steve Yule "Surgical Sabermetrics: exploring objective methods of measuring Surgical team performance"
Ravinder Parhar Prakash Ramachandran "Multiomic Analysis of the Hepatic Fibrotic Niche to Define New Therapeutic Targets for Liver Scarring"
16th March Robert Whelan Gwo-Tzer Ho "The Oral-Gut Microbiome Axis in Crohn's Disease Severity, Progression and Mucosal Healing"
Fiona Kerray Steve Yule "The impact of human factors science on operative performance in vascular surgery"
23rd March Leo Brown Richard Skipworth "The Prognostic Impact of Pre-Treatment Weight Loss on Survival in Patients Undergoing Resectional Surgery for Oesophagogastric Malignancy"
CJ Anderson CJ Anderson "Death, dysbiosis, and disease: How the intestinal microbiota impact tissue injury and repair"
30th March Tarek Haloubi James Hopgood "Motion Compensation of Breathing Artefacts in Pulmonary Endo-microscopic Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging"
Samanta Mariani Samanta Mariani "From normal to malignant embryonic hematopoiesis: A macrophage journey"