Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress April-July 2022

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in QMRI Wellcome Auditorium  at 12 noon and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title

28th April 

Prasad Palani Velu - FINAL Neil Henderson "Investigating Pulmonary Fibrosis Using a Single Cell Transcriptomics Approach"
5th May  Susan Fernandes - FINAL Kev Dhaliwal "Photonic Signatures of Human Lung Cancer"
12th May Lizi Hegarty Calum Bain "Investigating intestinal macrophage heterogeneity in health, inflammation and repair"
Heather Waddell Damian Mole "Circadian Biology of the Systemic Inflammatory Response During Critical Illness (Acute Pancreatitis)"
19th May Jay Kulkarni Damian Mole

"Defining the Mechanistic Role of Kynurenine Monooxgenase in Breast Cancer"

Eleni Nestoros Marc Vendrell "High Precision Tools for Intraoperative Brain Cancer Surgery"
26th May Jenny Cartwright - FINAL Adriano Rossi "A Dual Function of Neutrophils in Acute Liver Injury and Repair"
2nd June Bo Wang - FINAL Kenny Baillie "Data-Driven Cross-Validation to Identify Novel Therapeutic Targets in a Diverse Range of Human Diseases"
9th June Katie Smith - FINAL Emily Gwyer Findlay "The Antimicrobial Peptide Cathelicidin is Critical for the Development of TH17 Responses in  Severe Inflammatory Disease"
16th June Sue Bruce  Edinburgh Innovations TBC
30th June Piotr Janas - FINAL Jurgen Schwarze "Do Respiratory Epithelial Cells 'Remember' Previous Viral and Bacterial Stimuli?" 
7th July Nicola Robinson Robert Gray
Susanna Riley Carsten Hansen "The Hippo Pathway in Zebrafish Regeneration and Development"