Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress January-March 2021

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place virtually at 1pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
14 January 2021 Sam Benson - FINAL Marc Vendrell "The development of theranostic probes for cervical cancer"
21 January 2021 Katie Connor - FINAL Steve Wigmore "MicroRNAs as biomarkers of injury and drug response in renal transplantation"
28 January 2021 Piotr Janas Juergen Schwarze "Do respiratory epithelial cells ‘remember’ early life microbial exposure through epigenetic changes?"
Gareth Williams Gareth Williams "Translating photonics technologies for healthcare"
04 February 2021 Naomi Gachanja Chris Lucas "Defining the Regulation of Macrophage Phagocytosis by Pulmonary Epithelial Cells"
Katie Smith Emily Gwyner-Findlay "Novel roles for the host defence peptide cathelicidin in multiple sclerosis"
11 February No RIP    
18 February Eoin O'Sullivan - FINAL David Ferenbach "Targeting epithelial senescence to augment renal repair"
25 February 2021 James O'Kelly Damian Mole

"Defining mechanisms of organ failure in acute pancreatitis: the role of 3-hydroxykynurenine"

Katharin Balbirnie-Cumming David Dockrell "Novel macrophage microbicidal responses against Gram positive bacteria"
04 March 2021 Doireann Gordon Marc Vendrell "Developing a decision-making toolkit for the treatment of IBD"
Tyler Morrison Sarah Walmsley "Investigating the role of glucose in defining neutrophil behaviour"
11 March 2021 Heather Waddell Damian Mole "Circadian Biology of the Systemic Inflammatory Response During Critical Illness (Acute Pancreatitis)"
Nicola Robinson Robert Gray "Lung repair in Cystic Fibrosis"
18 March 2021 Sebastian Wallace Neil Henderson "The Human Liver Mesenchyme in NASH Fibrosis: Who is Responsible for Early and Late-Stage Scar Formation?"
Giulia Rinaldi Adriano Rossi "Development of novel imaging probes to detect and investigate NETotic cell death in mammalian and non mammalian models"
25 March 2021 Jenny Shelly Donald Davidson "Dissecting the contribution of hBD2 to the maintenance of skin barrier function"
Tom Quinn Ahsan Akram "Defining COVID-19: Repurposing PhD, Repurposing Medications"
01 April 2021 Magdalena Oremek - FINAL Adriano Rossi "The role of innate immune cells and platelet-activating factor (PAF) in tissue repair of larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) caudal fin injury"