Centre for Inflammation Research

CIR research in progress April-July 2023

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in QMRI Wellcome Auditorium  at 15:00 and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
20th April Hui Xin Loh Kev Dhaliwal "The effects and molecular mechanisms of senolytic drugs on modulating acute lung injury"
Simran Kapoor Rebecca Gentek "Investigating the development and role of mast cells in the mammary gland"
Katie Mylonas Katie Mylonas "Senescent cells and macrophages"
27th April  Gosia Grzelka Prakash Ramachandran "Characterising cirrhosis-associated immune dysfunction"
Krishna Purohit Carsten Hansen “Using Proteogenomics to target Mesothelioma”
4th May Richard Cassidy Steve Jenkins "Determining Macrophage Function in Post-Operative Peritoneal Adhesions"
Zara Aiken Neil Henderson "Investigation of FAPI PET-MR for the study of fibrosis in chronic liver disease"
Kai Yee Chang Yi Feng "Investigate the function of MANF in a zebrafish tumour initiation model"
Peter Cartildge Gwo-Tzer Ho

“Distinct mechanistic protein profiles in blood and gut in non-resolving mucosal inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease”

11th May   Ferran Nadal-Bufi Marc Vendrell "Peptide-based drugs to inhibit LDH, a potential target in cancer metabolism"
Jemma Milburn Chengcan Yao "CD9 expression on T cells and IL-10 production in B cells"
18th May Rebecca Hall Gwo-Tzer Ho  “Role of cGAS STING Pathway in IBD (and Wellbeing in IBD)”
Lily Jia Prakash Ramachandran

“Decoding Tissue Fibrosis: A Novel Workflow for Single-cell Transcriptomic Data Analysis, Integration, and its Implications”


1st June Marco Bertolini Marc Vendrell "Click & Fluoresce: dual gate activatable platform for the imaging of exhausted T cells"
Man Sing Wong Marc Vendrell

"Development of imaging probes of T cell exhaustion as indicators of tumour progression and therapy outcome"

8th June Patrick Lennard Julia Dorin

"Empowering antibiotics using host defence peptide to fight antimicrobial resistance in epithelial and systemic infections”

15th June Harini Dharanikota Steve Yule "Distributed Cognition and Decision-Making in Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs)"
Ahad Abdalla Richard O'Connor

“An ex-vivo human model of lung injury”

22th June Lorna Mackintosh - FINAL Elaine Dzierzak

"Does GPR56 play a role in Leukaemic Stem Cells?"

29th June Yanzi Zhou Marc Vendrell "Fluorescence Lifetime Probes for Imaging Macrophage Function"
Man Chung Wong Wei-Yu Lu "Defining the therapeutic potential of T regulatory cells in promoting bile duct regeneration"
6th July Abigail Reese - FINAL Marc Vendrell 

"OFF-to-ON” Fluorogenic Amino Acids into Small Proteins”