Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress May - July 2019

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in the Wellcome Auditorium at 4pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
03 May 2019 Donald Dunbar Edinburgh Genomics "Edinburgh Genomics Bioinformatics Analysis and Training Services"
10 May 2019

Jordan Portman

Neil Henderson

"Investigating liver regeneration using single cell RNA sequencing"

  Giulia Taglivini Sandrine Prost "In situ immunophenotyping and identification of macrophage subpopulations in bladder cancers"
17 May 2019

 Jenny Cartwright

Adriano Rossi "Defining the Role of Neutrophils in Acute Liver Injury and Regeneration"
   Danielle Minns  Emily F Gwyer  "Innate Modifiers of T Cell Behaviour During Inflammatory Disease"
24 May 2019


31 May 2019

Alexander Przybylski

 Nik Hirani

"Stratifying fibrotic lung disease via molecular endotyping and integration with quantitative CT"

  Jiwon Park Carsten Hansen "Mechanotransduction and the Hippo Pathway"
07 June 2019 Gavin Peter Birch - FINAL Kev Dhaliwal "Development of imaging probes for measuring macrophage activity in lung inflammation"
14 June 2019 Tom Speight - FINAL Kev Dhaliwal "Optical profiling of human macrophages"
21 June 2019    NO RIP    
28 June 2019 Yang Zhang - FINAL Adam Hill

"Haemophilus parainfluenzae in bronchiectasis"

05 July 2019 Thane Campbell - FINAL Kev Dhaliwal

"Human Neutrophil Elastase: An Optical Imaging Biomarker "