Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress September-December 2021

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in QMRI Wellcome Auditorium and virtually at 13:00 and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
02.09.2021 Ross Campbell David Ferenbach "Impact of ageing/senescence on macrophages in their roles of renal injury and repair."
Julia Dorin PGR Committee "PGR Welcome"
09.09.2021 Erin Gaughan Kev Dhaliwal "Interventional approaches for pulmonary infection"
Patrick Lennard Julia Dorin "Empowering antibiotics using host defense peptides to fight antimicrobial resistance in skin and respiratory infections."
16.09.2021 Lilian Koppensteiner Ahsan Akram "Development of a surface-biomarker signature to identify tumour-relevant T cells in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)"
Emma Green Clare Pridans "Investigating the role of microglia in mediating ASD-relevant phenotypes in the adult brain."

Alexandra Adams

Kev Dhaliwal

"Fluorescence lifetime for lung cancer diagnostics: getting the most out of data."

Wei-Yu Lu Wei-Yu Lu "T lymphocytes - epithelial interaction during liver regeneration."
30.09.2021 Caroline Bruce Sarah Walmsley

"The role of neutrophil subpopulations in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)."

QMRI Core Facility Managers QMRI Core Facilities "QMRI Core Facilities Update:  Flow Cytometry, Imaging and Histology"
07.10.2021 Alex Kiang Beth Mills
"Targeted Anti-microbial Photodynamic Therapy"
Abigail Reese Marc Vendrell "MINITAGS: New tools for imaging small proteins."
14.10.2021 Utsa Karmakar - FINAL Sonja Vermeren "Immune complex-induced anti-inflammatory neutrophil functions."
21.10.2021 October Break    
28.10.2021 Sofia Sintoris Donald Davidson "Investigating cathelicidin as an inducible modulator of RSV infection."
Simone Arienti  Walmsley &  Rossi "Investigating the metabolic plasticity of inflammatory neutrophils during infection."
04.11.2021 Zhi Ming Cheng Marc Vendrell "Novel Chemical Probes for Granzyme A as Potential Tools for Studying Inflammatory Diseases"
Eleni Papachristoforou Prakash Ramachandran "Defining therapeutic targets for human liver fibrosis using single-cell transcriptomics"
11.11.2021 No RIP    
18.11.2021 Maria Jimenez Ramos Jonathan Fallowfield "An integrated computational-experimental approach to identify and optimise combination drug therapy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease."
Michael Rimmer Chris Gregory "The impact of chemotherapy and the release of extracellular vesicles in the prepubertal testes."
25.11.2021 Owen Lo  Yi Feng "Investigating the inflammatory response to oncogene induced senescence during tumour initiation in the Zebrafish."
Shin Li Chia Rebecca Gentek "Fetal mast cells in development and pregnancy."
02.12.2021 Krishna Purohit Carsten Hansen "Using proteogenomics to target Lung Cancer"
Ailsa Geddis & David Wilson CIR Student Representatives "CIR student forum"
09.12.2021 Cecilia Boz - FINAL Nik Hirani "Iron metabolism of alveolar macrophages in IPF patients."