Centre for Inflammation Research

Research in progress Jan-March 2020

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in the Wellcome Auditorium at 4pm and are not open to the general public.

Date Speaker Group                      Title
10 January 2020 Jenny Shelley Donald Davidson "Human beta-defensin in Atopic Dermatitis: dissecting the mechanism of a novel, targetable protection against barrier damage"

QMRI Core Facilities Managers

QMRI Core Facilities

"QMRI Core Facilities Update:  Flow Cytometry, Imaging and Histology"

 17 January 2020 Jamil Jubrail Donald Davidson "LL37 as a novel therapeutic for respiratory syncytial virus infection"
  Adriano Rossi Postgraduate Director "Postgraduate Update / Student Representatives"
24 January 2020  Katharin Balbirnie-Cumming  David Dockrell "Interactions between Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Host Defence Peptides in Macrophages" 
  Katie Smith  Emily Gwyer -Findlay

"Novel roles for cathelicidin in Multiple Sclerosis"


31 January 2020 Prasad Palani Velu  Neil Henderson "Investigating Pulmonary Fibrosis Using a Single-Cell Transcriptomics Approach"
  A Selection of Mature PIs CIR "A fond farewell to Professor Ian Dransfield"
07 February 2020 Fokion Glykofrydis   Elaine Dzierzak "Engineering a multicellular patterning platform to control cell signalling"
  Philippe Potey Adriano Rossi "Detecting the Initiation and Resolution of Lung Inflammation using FPR1 and FPR2 Specific Fluorescent Probes"
14 February 2020 NO RIP    
21 February  Clark Russell David Dockrell "Using epidemic-associated pneumococcal pathotypes to probe macrophage intracellular killing mechanisms"
  Fiona Cunningham Chengcan Yao "Defining a PGE2-mediated pathway in eczema"
28 February 2020 Giulia Rinaldi Adriano Rossi "Development of novel imaging probes to detect and investigate NETotic cell death in mammalian and non mammalian models"
  Henry Todd Will Wood  "Using Drosophila to study immune cell behaviour in vivo"
06 March 2020 Dominic Norberg - FINAL Kev Dhaliwal "Development and clinical translation of optical and software methods for endomicroscopic imaging and sensing" 
13 March 2020 NO RIP    
20 March 2020 Susan Fernandes Kev Dhaliwal Cancelled
  Abigail Elliot Yi Feng Cancelled
27 March Layla Mathieson Ahsan Akram Cancelled
  Jane Louise Parry Alan Serrels Cancelled