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Film Festival interview with James Clegg

James Clegg is the Assistant Curator at the University’s Talbot Rice Gallery. Here he discusses the gallery’s collaboration with the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which showcased Glasgow-based artist Stephen Sutcliffe’s work.

Plum (2012) by Stephen Sutcliffe
Plum (2012). Stephen Sutcliffe. Courtesy the artist.

What can people coming to the Stephen Sutcliffe event at the Talbot Rice gallery expect?

People can expect to see 13 films by the artist, including two new works. Between each film - some only a minute or two long - Stephen will join me in conversation to discuss his working methods and the (largely) literary influences on his work.

What do you hope audiences get out of the event?

Audiences will get to see the work of one of Scotland’s leading video artists. And seeing a body of Stephen’s work en masse allows for a much deeper engagement with the complex of underlying intentions behind them than seeing them isolated in other situations.

Paired with the artist in conversation, audiences will be introduced to references and ideas that will enrich the viewing experience and give insight into a fascinating creative process.

One of the strands of our conversation, encouraged by the artist and in keeping with his practice, will be ‘self-doubt’; we will be frank and open about things that are often concealed by the façade of certain exhibitions, talks or finished films.

In what ways do you think the University enhances the Film Festival?

Talbot Rice Gallery’s relationship with the Film Festival helps share audiences and promote films that are produced in and for a very different context. We develop creative projects directly with artists by drawing upon our position within the University to foster a broad range of research processes and different modes of exploration.

Opening out the University’s work enhances the Film Festival by embodying the knowledge exchange and critical enquiry upon which it is founded and encapsulating an incredible spectrum of expertise.

Often working in short, non-narrative formats, artists produce work that can be very different from the standard cinematic form, utilising moving images in ways that draw attention to different ways of looking, thinking and being.

To present this type of work at the Filmhouse Cinema contributes to their pursuit of challenging and innovative work, whilst also bringing the artist’s themselves into broader public conversations.

How does taking part in the Film Festival inspire you?

The interdisciplinary nature of our work continually refreshes, changes and inspires what we do.

The partnership with the Film Festival brings us in to contact with individuals who are passionate about film and cinema.The resources of the Film Festival provide opportunities to screen rare films and promote our work to different people.

Being part of the energy and excitement of the film festival is also a pleasure.

Event information

Talbot Rice Gallery presents: Stephen Sutcliffe takes place 23 June at Filmhouse.