Festivals, Cultural and City Events

Discover which festivals and events the University is involved with throughout the year.   We hope that these events give everyone a chance to connect with some of the people who are shaping culture, ideas and lives in the 21st century.

The University has a wide range of venues, each with something different to offer.  Our venues are used for festivals, filming and events throughout the year. 

We manage events and filming throughout the year as well as the  University’s involvement in all of Edinburgh’s festival activity.   Edinburgh’s   events also enable the University to showcase and share the thinking and research led by our academics and students.

Our Buildings have been made COVID secure and safe.  We observe the two-metre physical distancing rule at all times, we wear face coverings and sanitising stations are provided throughout.  Click here for the University of Edinburgh's response to Covid-19.

Our Office co-ordinates the University's involvement in the best of Edinburgh's festivals, cultural events and filming projects throughout the year. Find out more about how best to get in touch with us and how to follow us. We are all working remotely just now.