Festivals, Cultural and City Events

Summer 2020 brought an unexpected set of challenges unlike anything we had ever expected to face. The city was quiet, forced into silence by Covid-19 and bereft of its usual summer festivals and the social, economic and cultural benefits they bring.  Across the University, people were initiating and supporting festivals and cultural activity for the City. We’re pleased to share this collection of reflections with you which illustrate some of the ways the University of Edinburgh has supported cultural life in the city this year.

Discover which festivals and events the University is involved with throughout the year.   We hope that these events give everyone a chance to connect with some of the people who are shaping culture, ideas and lives in the 21st century.

Our Office co-ordinates the University's involvement in the best of Edinburgh's festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Find out more about how best to get in touch with us - we are all working remotely just now - drop us an email.

Visiting Edinburgh for a festival or event? Pop into our Visitor Centre, go on a walking tour and explore our museums and galleries. And while you are here, why not come and stay in our high quality accommodation?

The University of Edinburgh offers access to a variety of courses, including several that have links with festivals in the city, as well as opportunities for online learning.