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Science Festival interview with Sarah Keer-Keer

Sarah Keer-Keer, Public Engagement, Outreach and Communications Manager in the University of Edinburgh's Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, was the winner of the 2015 Tam Dalyell Prize for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science.

She delivered her Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture, Life Through a Lens, and was presented with her award by Dr Dalyell at the University's Playfair Library at 6pm on Saturday 4 April.

Sarah Keer-Keer

What can people coming along to your event expect to see and hear?

They can expect something a bit different to a traditional lecture - we will be trying some different ways of communicating.

What do you hope audiences can get out of coming along to the Science Festival?

Ideally I hope they will have fun, learn something new and begin to feel like they are scientists themselves.

Why is taking part in the Science Festival important to you?

It is great to get scientific knowledge, and therefore power, out into the public domain.

What does winning the Tam Dalyell prize mean to you?

It is an honour for me. But honestly, I think it is my mum who is most excited - she is so proud. Aren't mums great?

What impact does your day-to-day work have on society?

My projects often reach audiences that have not engaged with science yet. I am trying to expand the boundaries of who is engaged with science.

What do you get out of engaging with the public?

I am a creative person, and I like the challenge of thinking up new ways to make complex research easy to understand, fun and beautiful.