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26 Apr 17. Thanks Prof Wyper

Prof David Wyper, director of SINAPSE from Apr 2010 through to Mar 2017, retires.

As Prof Wyper hands on the Directorship, we thank him for his massive contribution to the ongoing success of imaging research in Scotland & in Edinburgh.

SFC funding for SINAPSE-2

Prof Wyper has been instrumental in cementing SINAPSE into a strong National Organisation for imaging research in Scotland.

He led the successful bid to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and host universities for SINAPSE-2 funding 2014-2019 which supports ongoing SINAPSE co-ordination, studentships, researcher exchanges (PECRE), European initiatives (PEER) and many other aspects of imaging infrastructure which have brought major benefit to Edinburgh.

Collaborating with centres

Prof Wyper broadened research collaborations with centres in many other parts of the world, including the Royal Society of Edinburgh-funded exchange with the National Taiwan University in Taipei.

Other research exchange opportunities from which Edinburgh has benefitted via PECRE (postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Exchange), include:

  • Ellen Backhouse visited the University of Amsterdam
  • Eric Barnhill visited the Charité - Universitätsmedizin in Berlin
  • Samuel Danso visited Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, USA
  • Anna Heye visited Oregon Health & Science University in Oregon, USA
  • Dominic Job visited McGill University in Montreal, Canada
  • Cyril Pernet visited Toulouse Cedex in France
  • David Dickie visited McGill University in Montreal, Canada
  • Andreas Glatz visited Medical University Graz in Austria
  • Lucia Ballerini visited Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Toronto

The Pools Engagement in European Research (PEER) funding resulted in the award of the EU H2020 SVDs@Target multicentre study and the highly competitive Fondation LEDUCQ Transatlantic Network of Excellence in Small Vessel Diseases which Edinburgh leads.

Edinburgh benefits from SINAPSE

It’s easy to forget, as the years pass, that it has been 10 years since SINAPSE started.

So in addition to thanking David, we would like to acknowledge just how much the University of Edinburgh has benefitted from SINAPSE.

SINAPSE provided initial funding for several Chairs, midlevel researcher, radiochemistry, radiographer and administrative posts. It also provided our students and post-docs with access to a general imaging training environment, and senior staff gain access to collaborations and opportunities which we would not have been able to access so easily by other means.

The University of Edinburgh would like to take this opportunity of thanking Professor David Wyper and SINAPSE for their support, and wish David a very happy and well-deserved retirement.

Personal Chair Applied Neuroimaging, University of EdinburghProfessor Joanna Wardlaw