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02 Nov 17. LACI-1 trial complete

Professor Joanna Wardlaw has collaborated with the University of Nottingham on a clinical trial in the hope of finding novel treatments for cerebral small vessel disease.

The LACI-1 (Prevent-SVD) randomized clinical trial led by  Professor Joanna Wardlaw of Edinburgh Imaging and performed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, successfully finished patient recruitment this month, with the completion of the final follow up phonecalls of 57 patients completed in early November 2017. 

This trial (funded by the Alzheimer’s Society) is in the field of cerebral small vessel disease which can cause stroke and dementia but for which there are no specific treatments.

The LACI-1 trial is repurposing drugs used in heart and peripheral vascular disease (isosorbide mononitrate and cilostazol) to test whether these drugs are tolerable and at which doses to patients who have had a lacunar stroke. 

Analysis is underway and the final results will be presented at the UK Stroke Forum in Liverpool on 30th November 2017. 

This trial has already guided and laid down the foundations for a larger LACI-2 study, across 20-centres within the UK  funded by the British Heart Foundation looking at these drugs in 400 patients which is due to start recruiting in late 2017. 

Both of these trials are key steps in finding novel treatments for cerebral small vessel disease.

LACI-1 Trial