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03 Nov 17. Staff Profile - Dr Vallatos

Dr Antoine Vallatos, is newly appointed as a Research Associate in the preclinical and clinical imaging research, at CCBS, University of Edinburgh

Antoine Vallatos was recently appointed as Research Associate in preclinical and clinical imaging at the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences of the University of Edinburgh.

His main research interest lies in the development of novel MRI techniques for quantitative characterisation of biophysical systems, with a particular emphasis in perfusion, flow and diffusion processes. He is currently working on imaging methods adapted to the study of brain tumour invasion and small vessel disease, with Prof Adam Waldman and Prof Joanna Wardlaw.

Antoine studied first in France, obtaining a BSc in physics and Masters in mechanical engineering, acoustics and business administration. After a 4-year experience in industry, he completed a PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Birmingham, carrying out MRI studies of pattern-forming chemical waves in vortex flow with Dr Melanie Britton.


Dr Antoine Vallatos, newly appointed Research Associate
Dr Antoine Vallatos, newly appointed Research Associate

He then joined the University of Glasgow - Experimental MRI Centre to participate in an interdisciplinary project investigating the infiltrative behaviour of glioblastoma, working with Dr William Holmes and Prof Anthony Chalmers.

His work focused on the development of preclinical MRI techniques probing brain perfusion and blood-brain-barrier permeability and their quantitative assessment as markers of tumour cell infiltration regions not detected by standard MRI methods.