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15 Jun 17. Essay - life beyond my PhD

My name is Anna, and I recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh.

Prior to joining Edinburgh Imaging as a PhD student

I graduated from the University of Lübeck with an MSc in Medical Engineering Science in 2012.

It was during my studies that I developed a particular interest in neuroimaging, which led me to apply for the PhD programme in the Brain Research Imaging Centre, part of Edinburgh Imaging in Edinburgh.

I had visited Edinburgh a few months previously and immediately fell in love with the city. The University of Edinburgh has a great reputation for research, so when I was offered a PhD here it was a no-brainer.

My PhD Focus

I was drawn to the Brain Research Imaging Centre, because it tackles numerous research problems faced in common neurological diseases like stroke and dementia.

My particular PhD project focused on the measurement of blood-brain barrier permeability using magnetic resonance imaging.

Coming from a more technical background, I particularly enjoyed learning about the practical aspects of running clinical studies.

I was fortunate to present my work at several conferences and publish two first-author journal papers. It was great being part of a wider research community and I would recommend everyone to engage with it as much as possible – summer schools, conferences and visiting other research groups not only meant welcome travel opportunities but also helped to move my project forward.

Life after my PhD

Having completed my PhD I have decided that for now, academia is not for me. However, the great thing about doing a PhD, is the many transferrable skills you gain whilst doing your project.

Indeed it enabled me to successfully gain employment as a monitor for commercial clinical trials.

I am delighted to still be living in the wonderful city of Edinburgh and to have started a career in clinical research. 

Wishing all those new applicants and current PhD students the very best!