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04 Oct.17. Sprint-MND/MS

Call for projects for the next round of the CSO-funded SPRINT-MND/MS PhD scheme.


 SPRINT‐MND/MS (Scottish PhD Research & Innovation Network Traineeships in MND/MS) is a Scotland‐wide three‐year PhD scheme for research into all aspects of motor neurone disease (MND) and multiple sclerosis (MS), including laboratory, clinical/psychology, nursing/allied health professional and social sciences, at Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow or St Andrews University.

It is funded by the Chief Scientist Office (CSO).

Call for MND/MS research projects

This call is for projects in all aspects of MND and/or MS research.

We hope to include projects in discovery, clinical and social science.

The programme is Scotland-wide and projects with 1st/2nd supervisors at different HEIs are preferred.

Project Selection - Edinburgh

The HEI Leads (Siddharthan Chandran for Edinburgh) will solicit project proposals from PIs in their Institution.

Projects should be submitted on the SPRINT template (provided by the CCBS Postgraduate Administrator,  Ms Ekaterina Churkina) to the appropriate HEI Lead. There will be up to 5 projects per HEI, and the HEI Leads will make a final selection if needed, depending on the number of projects received.

The local deadline for project proposals is 20 October 2017, with the central deadline being 23 October 2017.

Project proposals must have clear applicability to MND or MS, or be cross‐cutting across both.

Project eligibility is broad, and can be laboratory, clinical/psychology, nursing/AHP or social science‐related. A broad range of projects from each HEI in desirable.

Projects should be collaborative, and preference will be given to those in which the second supervisor is from a different HEI than the primary supervisor.

Projects that were submitted for 2017 SPRINT recruitment round can be reused.

What does each studentship include?

CSO will fund six studentships and the participating HEIs will provide matched studentships to double the cohort to twelve.

Each studentship covers 3 years non‐clinical† RCUK‐equivalent stipend, UK/EU fees*, and approximately £5K p.a. for consumables and travel.

The students will become a cohort and will be invited to participate in various training, patient & public engagement events.

Studentships will be advertised on the Edinburgh Neuroscience website from 1 November 2017 to 8 December 2017.


All Edinburgh enquiries should contact .