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09 Feb 17. First scan for Theirworld

Researchers from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory and the Edinburgh Imaging facility (RIE), scanned for Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort study.

At our new Edinburgh Imaging facility (RIE), which hosts our 3T MRI Siemens Magnetom Prisma scanner, we successfully scanned the first premature infant for the Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort study. 

The Theirworld project is a 25 year long study to learn more about how being born too soon, or too small, affects people’s health in later life.

Edinburgh Imaging is very grateful to Theirworld, as well as other internal & external investors,  who have enabled this new brain research imaging facility to be opened at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Bioquarter.

Our team of clinicians & researchers are involved in projects investigating the healthy & diseased brain across all ages, including:

  1. The Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort - scanning babies and children 
  2. The H2020 Investigate@SVDsTREAT@SVDs - using imaging to research small vessel disease in mid life adults 
  3. EPAD - understanding brain decline leading to dementia in old age & eventually how to treat it
Edinburgh Birth Cohort0902
Edinburgh Birth Cohort0902


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