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Find out how to make your area of work more socially responsible and sustainable.

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Go zero carbon by 2040

Zero by 2040 banner
Join the drive for the University to become Zero by 2040. Learn energy saving tips, become an energy coordinator, apply for the sustainable campus fund and more.

Be part of the Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Awards winners 2017 labs
The Sustainability Awards offer an opportunity for staff and students to make a difference and contribute towards the University becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The Circular Economy is about transitioning from a ‘take-make-dispose’ linear approach to resource use, to systems that encourage reuse and extraction of maximum value before returning resources to the biosphere.

Buy responsibly

Fair trade and sustainable procurement being discussed at staff and student workshop
Fairness in trade and sustainable procurement means calling for responsible practices in relation to workers, environment and society to be followed by our suppliers.

Collaborate and explore support and training opportunities

HCA Student research room
We support a range of research, teaching and training activities around social responsibility and sustainability-related issues.

Make your lab more sustainable

Biomedical lab - long table
Labs use many times more energy and water per square metre than office spaces. Being conscious of your resource and energy use can make a big difference.

Get involved with the local community

Find out how you can have a positive impact on the surrounding Edinburgh community.

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