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The University of Edinburgh has committed to become zero carbon by 2040. The University's Climate Strategy 2016 lays out a comprehensive whole institution approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation in order to achieve its ambitious targets.

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Why is climate action important?

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The United Kingdom, along with more than 170 other countries, officially signed the Paris Agreement in 2016. The agreement sets out a global target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and a decisive call to action to mitigate dangerous climate change caused by human activity.

The University recognises the climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity. Our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2040 aims to tackle this crisis head on.

The University’s Climate Change Strategy sets out the significant steps it will take to achieve its carbon neutral commitment. This includes adopting a whole institution approach through its research, teaching and operations.

By 2025, the University had committed to return carbon emissions to 2007-08 baseline year levels and reduce emissions of carbon per £ million turnover by 50 per cent from baseline year levels. Both of these objectives have been achieved.

To date, the University has reduced its carbon emissions by 15 per cent since 2007-08, as of 2019-20.

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