Modern Slavery Training

What is modern slavery and how can we spot the risks? Our online course for staff and students will improve your knowledge and help the University uphold its zero-tolerance approach.

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Course content

Lasting around 30 to 45 minutes, the course will look at:

  • What we mean by the term modern slavery
  • Where modern slavery might occur at a University
  • How to spot the signs of Modern Slavery
  • What actions to take when you suspect something isn't right

What you will get out of the course

  • An introduction to the topic of modern slavery;
  • An understanding of how Modern Slavery can impact on a University through it's learning, teaching, research and operations
  • Information on how you can take action if you suspect instances of modern slavery

How to use the course

We have deliberately made the course as interactive, accessible and adaptable as possible so that you can focus on the areas most of interest to you.

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We are working to make this course accessible through Learn. Once this has been completed, we will update this page.

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