Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Personal and professional development

Discover your pathway to learning about social responsibility and sustainability, from the basics in Introduction to Sustainability, through to specific training like lab and modern slavery, onto advanced topics such as Carbon Literacy Training.

Training we offer

Introduction to Sustainability

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Open to both staff and students, Introduction to Sustainability is a short online course that introduces you to some of the ways you can become more sustainable at the University of Edinburgh, and in your own life.

Modern Slavery Training

Modern slavery image: Child goes on the road with her suitcase
What is modern slavery and how can we spot the risks? Our online course for staff and students will improve your knowledge and help the University uphold its zero-tolerance approach.

Taking Action for a Sustainable World

Staff and student workshop
Taking Action for a Sustainable World is a professional development course for staff who want a more in-depth understanding of social responsibility and sustainability, and how to make positive changes in the workplace and at home.

Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy Training: Carbon literacy project logo
Develop your knowledge of the climate crisis by taking the accredited and award-winning Carbon Literacy Training here at the University of Edinburgh. The course is open to all staff and students and is delivered over three two-hour sessions.

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Staff and student workshop
We offer a range of in person training sessions which can be tailored to your place of work.

Short online courses

Short online courses offer a number of courses themed around Environment and Sustainability, including the Climate Solutions MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

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Open educational resources

The University has a wide range of free resources and courses online for ages 7 and up.

Environment and Sustainability open educational resources