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Do you have an idea for a sustainable project at the University? The Sustainable Campus Fund is a real opportunity for anyone in the University to propose projects that could reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

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The Sustainable Campus Fund is an internal investment vehicle that provides financing to parties within the University for implementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects that generate cost savings.

The fund is delivered by the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability in partnership with Estates.

Anyone at the University – staff and students – can propose projects for the fund. Once a project is proposed, we will advise and support the development of the project before submitting it to the Utilities Working Group for approval.

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How does the fund work?

The fund is expected to meet four objectives:

  • Unlock and help deliver the target of a 10% reduction in energy costs over two years from a 2014/15 baseline by providing necessary funding.
  • Contribute to reductions in carbon emissions (with a carbon target saving for the fund to be explored in due course).
  • Raise awareness of, and secure greater buy in for, opportunities to delivery energy, carbon and cost savings across the University campuses.
  • Stimulate local action, discussion and innovation in order to reduce the ongoing growth in energy costs in the longer term

How will projects be chosen?

Projects will be assessed based on five criteria, including their payback period and how much carbon they will save. More information is available in our committee paper.

Projects are scored on a scale of one to five in:

  • Payback*– how many years it will take the project to pay for itself. A project with a payback period of longer than eight years cannot be funded.
  • ROI – the larger the annual return on investment, the greater the score.
  • Match funding* – a score based on the percentage of the project that will be funded by the hosting college, school or department.
  • Carbon saving score – a score based upon the lifetime carbon dioxide equivalent saved per £ of investment.
  • Annual carbon saving score* – how much carbon will be saved every year, in tonnes CO2e, will directly affect the score of the project.

Some categories, marked with an asterisk *, are multiplied by 1.5 when calculating the total score.

How do I apply?

To apply, please email your idea to We will work with you to build your proposal.

Please note that applications can no longer be submitted through the MySRS platform. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We may need more information before we can send your proposal to be considered – we’ll get in touch with you to ask any questions we may have, and will keep you informed of the current progress of your proposal.

To be eligible for the fund, your project must generate carbon and financial savings, and pay for itself within eight years. In general, the best projects will be reasonably simple to implement, will and will pay for themselves in five years or less.

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