Changemaker Award (closed)

Do you know someone who's made a meaningful difference through social responsibility and sustainability, or inspired others to initiate change? Nominate them for our SRS Changemaker Award!

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Individual and small group recognition

The Changemaker Award recognises current students and staff who have made a noticeable positive impact by: 

  • undertaking an impactful socially responsible or sustainable project; 
  • or by inspiring others to act in a more socially responsible or sustainable way.

How it works

Individuals or groups may have engaged in this initiative either within the University, benefiting fellow students and staff, within the Edinburgh and Lothians region, serving the local community, or somewhere else entirely.

The activity will have took place between March 2023 and March 2024, and it could have been a one-time effort or an ongoing project.

Examples could be: 

  • Integrated social responsibility or sustainability into a project or assignment.
  • Organising a team sustainability challenge that improved the environment and brought people together 
  • Volunteering in the local community to tackle social inequality or improve wellbeing
  • Embedding climate awareness into teaching  
  • Organising a successful online event to raise awareness of a particular Sustainable Development Goal or related issue 
  • Supporting a community elsewhere in the world to become more sustainable 
  • Successfully encouraging friends, classmates or colleagues to make sustainable changes to their daily lives  

The individual’s or group’s actions should be in addition to activities they are expected to undertake as part of their programme of study or job role. Individuals and groups are welcome to nominate themselves or others.

Nominations are now closed

Submissions that can demonstrate a measurable positive impact, that have shared or communicated their actions to others and that align with the University's Social and Civic Responsibility Plan and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are more likely to be successful.

Social and Civic Responsibility Plan

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Nominations were open from Monday 1 April 2024 to Friday 3 May 2024.

Be inspired by past Changemakers

Discover the inspiring staff and students who were honoured with Changemaker Awards last year.

2022-23 changemakers

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