22 May: Sustainability in Procurement drop in

  • How do I decide whether the item I’m buying has a low carbon footprint?
  • What questions should I be asking before I buy an item?
  • How do I ensure that suppliers are paying their workers fairly?

Siôn Pickering, Sustainable Business & Fair Trade Programme Manager at the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, is here with colleagues from Procurement to answer your questions.

This event is drop-in, so be sure to add the meeting to your calendar, save the "join meeting" link, or bookmark the event page so you remember how to attend.

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Sion Pickering headshot in green space, photographer: India Hunkin
May 22 2024 -

22 May: Sustainability in Procurement drop in

A space for University of Edinburgh staff to come along and ask us questions on sustainability topics about purchasing at the University.

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