Sustainable food practices at the University are themed around sourcing; provision; practice; learning, teaching and research; and leadership and culture.

Why is food important?

Good Food meal with brocolli, knife and fork raised (50% bar showing how much University food is veggie/vegan)

Food is essential for life. However, food is also becoming highly unsustainable and the food we eat has effects locally and globally, including:

  • Overgrazing, deforestation, inefficient land use, freshwater depletion and contamination from agricultural runoff
  • Health inequalities and poverty
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

As a University, we recognise the need to keep food systems within environmental limits while supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Our vision is to run a responsible catering service that succeeds in providing healthy, sustainable and affordable food to the University community.

We also aim to support staff and student-led activities and research to enhance the University’s contribution to sustainable food systems.

Good Food at the University

Good Food is food and drink that is tasty, healthy, good for the environment and good for the people who make it.

The University’s Good Food Policy sets out our ambitions in five key areas. The policy was first approved in 2016 and then updated in 2020. This policy is due for renewal in 2023, and this page will be updated once this update has been completed.

The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS Department), the Department for Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) and the Procurement Office are jointly responsible for delivering the policy. We work together to put our commitments into practice and identify areas for further improvement.

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