Sustainable Lab Awards

Work in a lab? The Sustainability Awards can give you the framework to help push your place of work to be more sustainable. They also reward good practice already taking place.

Recognition for your lab

UK Biochar Research Centre [Paul Dodds]

Many different schemes now exist for assessing the sustainability of laboratories, such as LEAF, My Green Lab, and the NUS Green Impact Labs scheme. The University of Edinburgh has been operating its own lab sustainability scheme since 2013 as part of our long term commitment to improving the impact of our scientific research and teaching. 

The Lab Awards are designed for lab-based staff. The Lab Award Toolkit can be applied at any scale, from a single lab up to an entire building or research centre. It is up to each team to decide how large of an area to enter in the Lab Awards, and teams can enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Take part in the 2022-23 Lab Awards

Getting involved is simple. Get in touch with Rachael Barton ( to register your interest and discuss getting started. 

We'll talk you through the requirements of each level, learn more about your area, and offer an initial lab walk-around to determine your starting baseline. We'll also introduce you to your own dedicated area on our Lab Awards Sharepoint site, where you can record your progress and evidence of your successes. 

Achieving your Lab Award comes through completing the actions and criteria at your chosen level and undergoing an audit of your lab. 

Earning your Bronze, Silver or Gold Lab Award will clearly demonstrate to the wider University and beyond, that you are committed to bringing sustainability best practices to your lab and research. 


Get in touch with with any questions.

Register your interest

Email to participate.

Track your progress

Registered teams can access the Lab Awards SharePoint site

Participants' guide


Entering for the first time

New teams should work towards Bronze level during their first year, although ambitious teams are welcome to work to achieve Silver level should they wish.

Progressing to the next level

After receiving Bronze, teams are able to work towards Silver level for their next application, and then Gold. Teams may wish to take a break year before moving up a level, or may choose to work towards it the following year.

Staying at the same level

Once a team has achieved a level of accreditation, the accreditation remains valid for two years. Teams can choose to remain at the same level continuously, or apply for a higher level at any point. ​​​​​​