We're improving biodiversity on each University campus, and beyond.

Why is biodiversity important?

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Biodiversity means the variety of life on earth including different species of plants, fungi, animals, bacteria, the differences within species and different ecosystems such as marine, freshwater, grassland and forest.

  • The planet needs robust natural systems to maintain life.
  • Human impacts lead to large scale biodiversity loss, from rainforest habitat loss due to deforestation from agriculture, to pollinator numbers declining due to pesticides and other complex factors.
  • Green space provides positive benefits and psychological well-being to our students, staff and the people who regularly travel through our estate.
  • Biodiverse green spaces are great for our health & wellbeing, and also help us adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The University will protect existing biodiversity on campuses and enhance opportunities for biodiversity by taking a holistic approach that prioritises our interactions with wider communities of organisms, including humans, and dynamic landscapes.

University of Edinburgh vision for biodiversity

Biodiversity plan

We want our campus greenspaces to be biodiverse not only for the species that call them home but for the benefit of humans too.

We recognise the nature crisis as equally important to the climate crisis.

Estates Landscaping

 Policy priorities

  1. Biodiversity Plan 2022 print mockup

    Protect existing biodiversity

  2. Enhance conditions for biodiversity where possible

  3. Connect areas for wildlife

  4. Promote engagement with biodiversity

  5. Follow general landscape management principles

  6. Incorporate biodiversity into University developments

  7. Provide buildings & structures for biodiversity

Read the full Biodiversity Plan

Nature Positive Universities Alliance pledge founding member

Edinburgh is a founding member of a new university alliance that seeks to halt and reverse biodiversity decline.

The Nature Positive Universities Alliance is a network of universities that have made an official pledge to halt, prevent and reverse nature loss by addressing their own impacts and restoring ecosystems harmed by their activities.

Commitment made to reverse nature loss

Our initiatives

  • We have a number of projects that contribute to the University's vision for biodiversity whilst also working with local partners. 
  • We aim to protect, enhance and connect biodiversity on our estate, and engage the staff and student community with opportunities for research, learning and teaching.

Case studies and blog posts

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