We're improving biodiversity on each University campus, and beyond, and you can get involved.

Biodiversity means the variety of life on earth including different species of plants, fungi, animals, bacteria, the differences within species and different ecosystems such as marine, freshwater, grassland and forest.

We want our campus greenspaces to be biodiverse not only for the species that call them home but for the benefit of humans too.

Biodiverse green spaces are great for our health & wellbeing, and also help us adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The University will protect existing biodiversity on campuses and enhance opportunities for biodiversity by taking a holistic approach that prioritises our interactions with wider communities of organisms, including humans, and dynamic landscapes.

University of Edinburgh vision for biodiversity

What can you do?

Projects that contribute to the University's vision for biodiversity include focused work on mapping species, such as hedgehogs, and wider initiatives looking at geodiversity and conservation, and biophilia and placemaking

Hedgehog friendly campus

Hedgehog Friendly Campus Gold Award 2021/22
The Hedgehog Friendly Campus scheme has been running at the University since 2019. The project has provided a platform for staff and students to drive all sorts of biodiversity benefits.

Nature-friendly food growing on campus

Kings Buildings Permaculture Garden - planting spinach seeds
The University of Edinburgh has several food growing projects led by staff and students, including the Kings Buildings Permaculture Garden student society.

Fauna campus mapping: bioblitz

Bioblitz Birch Shieldbug at King's Buildings campus
Each spring, staff and students are invited to help map fauna on campus, including insects, birds and mammals. You can contribute data at any time with the iNaturalist app.

Flora and infrastructure mapping: How green is your campus?

How green is your campus biodiversity map - Pollock Halls
Take a virtual campus tour to see what sorts of plants and water features are in our green spaces.

Edinburgh's Thriving Greenspaces

Edinburgh is one of eight urban areas to share in £11 million worth of funding to secure the future of the UK’s parks and greenspaces.

Green Communities

Kings Buildings Permaculture Garden - overgrown nasturtiums
Staff and students have the opportunity to make our campus more green and work with the local Edinburgh community to improve biodiversity.

Biodiversity in the curriculum

Search our lists of elective modules and degree programmes for 'conservation' and 'nature' to find out how to study biodiversity.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the curriculum

What is the University doing?

The University's first ever biodiversity plan will protect and enhance green spaces on campus, and in the wider community, for all who enjoy them.

Read the full Biodiversity Plan


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