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Timetable on My Phone

MyTimetable enables you to easily access your timetable info on your devices.

Access your timetable at your convenience

By adding your calendar to your mobile device you can access your timetable information in MyTimetable wherever you are.

Lectures and other events will also appear in the MyEd Calendar channel under the Today listing.

Office 365 calendar setup instructions

What is included?

To find out which teaching events will be included for each of your courses, check the Timetable on My Phone channel in MyEd.

Please note: The information shown in your calendar may not be your complete timetable. It reflects what information is held on the timetable system, but some information, such as tutorials signed up to in Learn, will not be included. Check the 'Timetable on My Phone' or 'Timetabling' channels to find out exactly what to expect for your courses.

What if my timetable changes?

Any changes to your timetable will be automatically updated into your calendar within an hour of the central timetable being updated. Changes within the next week will be highlighted with UPDATED or CANCELLED in the event title. You should still watch out for communication from your School about changes and other events as it may not always be possible to update the timetable system in real time.

Still want more info?

Read this blog post written during the project about the work to get this service operational.

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