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Comprehensive documentation on how to access and use the University's Office 365 email and calendar services as well as set up accounts in client software (such as Outlook) or on a mobile device.

Access your Office 365 email & calendar via a web browser (Recommended)

Log into Office 365

Enter your University Username (UUN) in the format (for example: or ), and your password.

This is the method the University recommends above all others as users log directly into the service instead of via a third-party client, thereby providing the most accurate and up-to-date access.

Connecting to Office 365 email & calendar via client software

If you wish to use an email client, the University strongly recommends using Outlook. As part of the University's Office 365 suite of services and applications, Outlook fully integrates and supports modern, more secure authentication.

Many third party email clients still use Basic authentication methods to connect to email services, but this method of connection will be disabled by Microsoft by the end of 2022.

Windows PC clients Apple Mac clients Mobile clients Other clients


Windows 10 Mail (Desktop)

Windows 11 Mail (Desktop)

Mail & Calendar


Outlook for iPhone or iPad

Outlook for Google Android

Apple Mail

Generic connection details for Office 365

PLEASE NOTE: Due to various technical difficulties, Mozilla Thunderbird is no longer supported by the University for use with Office 365 calendars. Please use the web interface.  Outlook 2013 is now no longer supported by the University. 


You may want to use the Office365 App for your device.


Room Resources (Meeting room calendars)

Room Resources are calendars that can be booked when arranging meetings.

Room Resources

Frequently-asked questions and 'How-To' articles

For in-depth FAQs and 'How-To' documentation, as well as any troubleshooting issues, please see:

Email - FAQs

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