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Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream on SharePoint is our platform for storing and editing your non-curriculum based video files. Stream videos can be embedded for viewing and sharing across Microsoft 365 apps.

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Stream Classic Replacement April 2024

Microsoft will replace Stream Classic with Stream on SharePoint by April 2024.  All Teams meeting recordings already save to SharePoint (for channel meetings) or OneDrive for 1:1 / Group meetings.  All transcript edit features are now porting to Stream on SharePoint so we recommend that you familiarise yourself with it now, do not upload video content to Stream Classic. Videos can now be embedded across Office 365 apps for viewing/sharing and  for editing you can navigate to Stream on SharePoint from the office 365 web portal or directly at:

Help and guidance: FAQs and guidance about content migrations and the features of Stream on SharePoint are provided at:

The recommended use of Microsoft Stream is for meetings or event recordings from Microsoft Teams, or for non-curriculum based video contents.

Please do not use Microsoft Stream for content aligned with teaching or curriculum, use the University's well established Media Service for this purpose:

Media Hopper Create

Further Information and help with Media Hopper Create

Do not share your recordings on social media platforms.  

Get Started with Stream

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On this page you will find information on what Microsoft Stream is, when and why you should use it and how to access it.

Help and FAQs

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On this page you will find links to guidance and help with using Microsoft Stream.