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Skype For Business (Retiring July 2021)

Microsoft are retiring Skype for Business by July 2021 and you should use Teams now.

Important Notices

Skype for Business is retiring in July 2021

Microsoft will retire Skype for Business on 31st July 2021, and you should start using Teams now to prepare. Any remaining users will be upgraded to Teams between May and July, and the Skype for Business client will  be removed from University supported desktops at the end of July.  All Skype for business meetings will be available during this time in either Skype for Business and Teams.  

Microsoft Teams is available to all staff and students across campus, and supports both internal and external meetings.  It extends beyond the capabilities of Skype for Business for a wider variety of collaboration needs.  The majority of staff and a lot of our students across the University and beyond use it daily for collaborations.

  More info about Microsoft Teams

For help to choose the right tool for your type of meeting or event, see our:

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Skype User Experience from 17th May

Image of new Skype for business window when user opens Skype

If you are still using Skype for Business, some changes are coming to the Skype for Business app and to Outlook from 17th May.

When you open the Skype for Business app from the 17th May you will see the following:

New window when opening Skype

  • When you open Skype for Business, you will see a new page informing you that we're using Teams. You will see two options, one to "Start Skype for Business" and one to "Go to Teams". You can see what this page will look like in the image across.
  • If you select "Start Skype for Business", Skype will open and you will still be able to see your chat and call history
  • If you select "Go to Teams" you will be re-directed to Microsoft Teams


New banner within Skype for Business

Image of new Skype for business banner with link to Teams
  • If you select to "Start Skype for Business", you will see a new yellow banner across the Skype for Business window
  • This banner will state, "Your IMs and calls are going to Microsoft Teams", and will also show a link to "Go to Teams". 
  • If you click the "Go to Teams" link, you will be taken to Microsoft Teams
Image of the online meeting option in Outlook showing only Teams

Skype online meeting option removed from Outlook

  • There will be no Skype for Business online meeting option when scheduling meetings in Outlook, from the 17th of May

Points to Note on the update from 17th May

  • We hope this interim update will help users of Skype for Business to transition to Teams more smoothly, ahead of Desktop Services removing the Skype for Business client from University supported devices in July

  • Conversation history, contacts & meetings are ported to Teams by a Microsoft background process. During this time, users can still join Skype for Business meetings scheduled from their Skype for Business app, until they're all ported to Teams.

  • Users will not be able to schedule any new meetings from Skype for Business clients, only from Teams. This does not impact incoming calls from Skype users, those can be received via the Teams app and scheduled meetings can be joined from the Teams calendar.


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