Information Services

Office 365 Add-ins

Require Office-Add-ins to enhance productivity? Here, you'll find details of how to obtain and use the University's approved and published Office Add-ins.

Where can I find Published Add-ins?

The University's approved and published Add-ins can be found at: Approved and Deployed Add-Ins (

The SharePoint site contains all the currently approved and published Add-ins that can be immediately enrolled and utilized. These are Add-ins that have been reviewed and tested by the relevant teams to ensure they meet acceptable standards of data protection, security and usability.

The site does not contain all Add-ins and there may be ones you require that are not published. In this case, simply complete complete the UniDesk form below. Request Add-in Review FormDon't use UniDesk? send an email to  and provide the details listed below.

  • Name of Add-in
  • Name of Add-in
  • Brief Description
  • Purpose/Justification of Use
  • Any Approval Obtained? (if yes, provide details of approval and attach evidence)
  • Provide any other Useful Information.

Add-in Process Flow

Describes the process that support team will follow to address Add-in review requests by users.