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OneNote and Office Online

Microsoft's OneNote digital note-taking application and the rest of the Office Online suite of Word, Excel and PowerPoint enable you to work on your Office documents inside your OneDrive file storage via a web browser.

The University's Office 365 subscription affords users the ability to work with familiar file types such as .docx ( Word), .xlsx (Excel) and .pptx (PowerPoint) in web-browser-based versions of the regular desktop applications with no need to download and install any software on your computer or mobile device.

Accessing your Office Online web apps

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the app launcher icon at the top-left.
  3. Choose the particular web app you require.
  4. Files you create are automatically saved in your University OneDrive cloud storage.



Whilst the big three Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, need little introduction, users may not be as familiar with OneNote. It is a free-form digital notebook which allows you to capture, store and share information in note form with others online, including file attachments, tables, images etc. Particularly useful for taking lecture notes, OneNote is available both in the Office Online apps and also as part of the Microsoft Office suite installed on all University-supported Windows PCs and Apple Macs.

Getting started with OneNote

Microsoft training documentation and videos for OneNote

Writing notes on PowerPoint presentations / lecture slides using OneNote


Accessibility in Office 365

Accessibility features exist in the Office 365 online applications to enable disabled users to work more effectively with the service.These come in the form of various different ways to alter the content each of the applications produces so that it is more easily and efficiently be accessed by users with disabilities through devices such as screen readers. For detailed information on these features, please go to:

Accessibility in Office 365



Frequently-asked questions and further 'How-To' articles on the OneNote and Office Online web applications can be found at:

OneNote and Office Online - FAQs


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