Centre for Inflammation Research

Researchers run Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre workshops for local pupils

March 2020 - Scientists from the Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR) have teamed up with the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC) to deliver scientific workshops to secondary school students.

EBSOC is a science engagement laboratory based at the Easter Bush campus, where the University's veterinary medicine research takes place. It aims to give everyone the opportunity to work with real science equipment, to work with scientists and clinicians, and to learn about real science. The CIR team, made up of PhD student Katie Smith, research assistant Elena Dora and postdoctoral researcher Ross Dobie, has focused on running EBSOC workshops with a Centre for Inflammation Research theme. This has included presenting an overview of the important work carried out in the CIR. Each day long workshop centres on students completing a common laboratory protocol, while learning the theory behind the technique. Students also take part in a ‘Meet the Scientist’ session giving them the opportunity to find out what it is like to be a CIR scientist.

To assist with the running of the sessions the team has had help from CIR PhD students Jordan Portman and Sebastian Wallace, postdoctoral researcher Rosalind Heron and group leader Donald Davidson. So far, the workshops have proved very successful, with students particularly enjoying the practical elements and the interaction with the scientists.

Katie, Elena and Ross are currently working on plans to train other researchers in workshop delivery and design their own CIR themed workshop using the EBSOC facility.

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A PhD student teaches school pupils how to use lab techniques.