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Lockdown learning with Dundee Science Centre's Body Bits Week

May 2020 - PhD student Susanna Riley has contributed to Dundee Science Centre's Home Learning Programme with an activity about DNA and genetics.

A picture of Susanna Riley and the Dundee Science Centre logo

The Home Learning Programme is part of Dundee Science Centre's Home Learning Portal in response to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  Each week the programme looks at a  different theme including Earth Week, Space Week and now Body Bits Week, from 3-10 May 2020. 

Released on 6 May, Susanna's activity introduces the concept of DNA and genetics by exploring the difference between inherited and learned traits, from freckles to favourite animals. The activity includes creating a 'friends and family tree of traits', encouraging children to think about the physical characteristics of friends and family members compared to non-inherited traits like hobbies, likes and dislikes. 

Susanna is currently a second year Tissue Repair and Regeneration PhD Student in the Gram Hansen lab, studying the link between cancer and the body's natural regenerative process. She is looking at how we can improve cancer treatments using gene editing without the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  

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