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Local science teachers visit QMRI to learn about Supercytes

May 2022 - Professor Donald J. Davidson shows teachers how to use card game Supercytes to teach pupils about immunology.

Two images, showing teachers playing the supercytes card game
A group of teachers learning to play the Supercytes game

After a two year hiatus, the Centre for Inflammation Research was pleased to host another in-person Supercytes Teacher Training Event. On 24 May, 11 local primary and secondary science teachers gathered at the Queen's Medical Research Institute to learn how to play Supercytes and use the accompanying classroom resources, including quizzes, presentations, and a series of animations about the major cells of the immune system.

“Supercytes - The Immune Cell Standoff” is a fun, curriculum-linked, University of Edinburgh game-based resource for teachers and students focused on the cells involved in inflammation, immunology and infectious diseases. The classroom resource is flexible, and can be adapted for primary, secondary, or even college/university levels.

Teachers who attended the workshop commented on the flexibility of the resource and the engaging, fun, well-paced workshop format. One teacher commented that Supercytes is an "innovative and engaging resource, applicable for different ages." Another said, "Good to see the overview of the resource and picture how I might use them in class. Useful to try out the game. Staff were very helpful."

Teachers who attended the training event had the opportunity to:

  • gain hands-on experience learning to use the Supercytes card game
  • secure a free resource pack of games, worksheets, cartoons, etc to use in the classroom
  • hear research scientists deliver the intro to immunology & inflammation presentation
  • ask questions about the science behind the game
  • apply the resource to teaching about COVID-19 (or other infections) and vaccines

This is a well thought out resource with a lot of differentiation for different ages/abilities. I will look forward to using this with my classes!

Local Science Teacher

Supercytes is currently being used by 172 schools across Europe, North America and South America. Resource packs are FREE to schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and to all teachers regardless of location who have completed a Supercytes training workshop. They can also be purchased online. All the component resources are freely downloadable, under a Creative Commons Licence, from our dedicated interactive website.


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