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I'm a Scientist - CIR Postdoc answers students' insightful questions

May 2021 – CIR Researcher Jamil Jubrail spoke with hundreds of school children and shared what it's like to be a scientist through the 2021 "I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here" programme.

CIR postdoctoral researcher, Jamil Jubrail, recently participated in "I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out Me Here," an online, interative programme that connects school students with working scientists. During May 2021, Jamil was one of 20 scientists who took part in the student-led STEM programme, chatting with students online in real-time.  Over the course of the month, just under 900 students from 19 different schools got to ask questions, live chat with, and then vote for their favourite scientists.

During their interactions with Jamil, school pupils asked thoughtful questions like "What’s the most dangerous virus you have ever worked with?” and “Could you create a universal vaccine for all infections?”, along with more personal and non-scientific questions about football, penguins, and climbing volcanoes.

Having given multiple talks and presentations in the past, I thought every question I could have been asked had already been asked. I have to say, however, that the questions the school students put to me were extremely intriguing and simply brilliant. As the event progressed I began to realise that, although I know a fair amount about my field, I don’t know everything.

Jamil JubrailPostdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Inflammation Research

The "I'm a Scientist" platform provides an opportunity for scientists to reflect on their research and careers, seeing their work through the fresh eyes of curious pupils.  It also connects researchers with scientists from different disciplines. Moreover, beyond just increasing students'  scientific knowledge, the direct conversations with researchers  like Jamil enabled students to see the more personal side of scientists, learning about their hobbies and interests outside of the lab.

To anybody wanting to take part, I would encourage you to do it –  it is such a brilliant experience! And to all the students out there – keep asking your amazing questions!

Jamil Jubrail


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