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Slow Journeys in the Same Direction

Welcome to Slow Journeys in the Same Direction.

Photograph of front and back cover of Slow Journeys in the same direction colouring book.

Slow Journeys in the Same Direction is a weekly blog and doodle that brings together dreamwhispering and mindful doodling.  You'll be able to download a doodle for colouring in, helping you slow down and relax, and reflect on the theme towards creating your own doodle. 


The idea is to share something that will grow slowly, week by week, into a journey of practices that seek to honour identity, develop resilience and unleash creativity.


Click here to read the blog or to find out how to join the monthly meetups please see the information below. 


Monthly meetups

The monthly online meetups will be held via Zoom on the 29th September, 20th October, 24th November: 4:00-5:00pm.

To join online please click here. UoE login is required. Details can also be found on our Events page here