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Mindful Doodling

Details of Mindful Doodling sessions offered by Associate Chaplain, Geoffrey Baines.

The next Mindful Doodling  online session will be on Tuesday 4th October: 12.45-1.30pm.  This will be an opportunity to come aside from the busyness to explore some doodling and colouring.
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Multicoloured doodle with the text: Where did that come from? It was there all the time but I'd stopped noticing it

How old do you have to be to make a bad drawing?* (Lynda Barry)


I’m not good at reading [books].  The truth is I need pictures.  They are like places to get to in a sea of words. 

(Charlie Mackesy)


Mindful Doodling is a weekly opportunity to step out of the busyness of our day for a little while so that we can slow things down - doodling comes from dawdling.  We'll relax and listen, collecting doodling elements as we go.

Our species drew before we had alphabets.  Even when it came to the invention of the printing press, text and image shared the page before they became separated.  When it came to our turn in this great story, we drew pictures before we learnt letters, but at some point, someone told us we couldn't draw - it may have been ourselves - and we stopped.

But everyone can draw and doodling's a great way to discover this, and what we notice is that there's something very mindful about it.  We get lost in the doodling and colouring and an age can pass without us noticing.  All you will need, then, is some plain white paper and a black pen.

Here's the link to the sessions.


(*From Lynda Barry's Making Comics.)

(**From Charlie Mackesy's The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.)