Multi-Faith and Belief Chaplaincy, For All Faiths and None


Information on courses, drop-ins and events offered by The Chaplaincy team which have a focus on promoting wellbeing for students and staff at The University.

Compassion & Empathy in work and life

a group of people having a meeting
A cross-University team have developed a self-directed, self-enrol course in Learn available to all students and staff of the University to help navigate the importance of compassion & empathy in work and life.

Capacitar Wellbeing

Capacitar image of lots of hands reaching in a circle
Capacitar Tai Chi drop-sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 13:10 -13:50 both in person in The Chaplaincy, Sanctuary and online via Zoom.


A yellow and blue doodle with the text: you will never reach the inner limits of who you can be and the outer limits of what you
Details of Dreamwhispering offered by Associate Chaplain, Geoffrey Baines.

Grief Group

Photograph of a white candle being lit by a match.
Details of the weekly Grief Group run in collaboration with students and The Chaplaincy.


Image with the text Spirit in all things: beside the text are two birds sitting on plants with sky in the background.
Details of Eco-Spirituality courses offered during term time.

Mindful Doodling

Multicoloured doodle with the text: Where did that come from? It was there all the time but I'd stopped noticing it
Details of Mindful Doodling sessions offered by Associate Chaplain, Geoffrey Baines.

PhD Book Club

Photograph of an open book sitting on top of a wooden tray. On top of the book is a pair of brown reading glasses. Beside the bo
The best reads about PhD life. Meets twice each semester.

Slow Journeys in the Same Direction

Photograph of front and back cover of Slow Journeys in the same direction colouring book.
Welcome to Slow Journeys in the Same Direction.

Why Don't You Write Me

Photograph of a pen writing on a piece of white paper.
Connecting us across distances


Photograph of a yoga studio. There are people standing on yoga mats facing away from the camera. They are all stretching
The Chaplaincy offers free Yoga sessions on Fridays during semester time.