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Capacitar Wellbeing

Capacitar Tai Chi drop-sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 13:10 -13:50 both in person in The Chaplaincy, Sanctuary and online via Zoom.

Capacitar tai chi is a wonderful way to feel grounded and calm and gives us an opportunity to connect to the healing energy of nature around us. For details on how to join these weekly Capacitar Tai Chi drop-sessions please go to here

Our weekly Capacitar Tai Chi drop-ins take place both in-person in Sanctuary at The Chaplaincy Centre and will also be streamed online using Zoom for anyone who wants to join online. Please note that places are limited in the Meeting Room and are on a first come first serve basis.

Please click the link below to access joining details for these sessions, a UoE login is required. 

Online Joining details for Capacitar Tai Chi

Our two facilitators are June Adamson and Glen Cousquer. 

June Adamson is the senior instructor at Sport & Exercise, currently teaching fitness and yoga, Capacitar Wellness practices, training Instructors, and directing the University Dance Performance each year.

Glen Cousquer is lecturer in One Health and Chair of the Easter Bush Mental Health Committee and integrates mindfulness, wellbeing and trauma-informed practice into professional development training, teaching and research.

Capacitar Tai Chi 

This video of a Tuesday session, filmed just before lockdown, gives a taste of what is involved in a Capacitar session. 

Video: Rev Ali Newell: Capacitar
Rev Alison Newell demonstrates some Capacitar techniques. Created for the course Innovative Approaches to Health Challenges Across Disciplines

Here is the Capacitar website (body practices for trauma healing and transformation)

Capacitar, meaning to encourage and empower, is a grassroots organisation, founded by Dr Pat Cane. It is an international network of solidarityand empowerment working in over 40 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Capacitar is especially committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma. At present many are accessing the Capacitar practices on line, through video or through Zoom as people in this grassroots orgnisation support each other through the pandemic. I include 2 blogs about the Capacitar and its life giving resources.


Capacitar Tai Chi Wellness Workshops at The University

In addition to the weekly drop in sessions, the Chaplaincy has, in conjunction with Capacitar Scotland, run extended training courses. One of our facilitators, June Adamson, offers courses at the Centre for Sport and Exercise. Please click here to view more details.