Edinburgh Cancer Research

Recognition during the 3Rs day

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre’s Technician receives an award during the 3Rs symposium: June 2018

Congratulations to Morwenna Muir who won one of the University of Edinburgh 3Rs Awards 2019 - an annual event held by the Bioresearch & Veterinary Services (BVS) to promote the 3Rs (reduction, refinement and replacement of animals in research). The awards are designed for animal technicians and scientists who have come up with an original, scientific or technological initiative that:

  • minimizes animal suffering and improves the welfare of animals used in research
  • or has contributed to a reduction of the number of animals used
  • or has led to the development of an alternative non-animal model and
  • is of publishable quality (journal/conference abstract)

The awards were presented during the 3Rs day in the Wellcome Auditorium at the Queens Medical Research Institute in Edinburgh. Morwenna’s work focused on bioluminescent imaging to follow breast cancer tumour growth and metastasis, and established an intraductal implantation model (MIND) that has been shown to recapitulate human mammary tumour formation more closely than other commonly used animal models. The work was performed together with members of Professor Val Brunton’s group. It is expected to improve quality and reliability of future breast cancer studies.

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