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Professor Pollard’s research featured in “The Times”

Research of the CRUK Edinburgh Centre scientist, Prof Steven Pollard, has been featured by “The Times”: February 2019

Professor Steven Pollard – CRUK Senior Cancer Research Fellow
Professor Steven Pollard – CRUK Senior Cancer Research Fellow

With more than 11,000 new cases of brain tumours in the UK each year and 10-year survival rate of less than 15% there is a pressing need for development of better treatments for this devastating disease. The Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists are actively involved in cutting-edge investigations aiming to develop new therapies more efficiently and faster. A good example of this is the research performed in Prof Steven Pollard’s group. Prof Pollard leads the “Neural stem cells and brain cancer” laboratory and one of his overarching research goals is identification of new drugs that can specifically block self-renewal of brain tumour stem cells (brain tumour stem cells are believed to play crucial role during brain cancer development and in its resistance to therapy). As the head of the CRUK funded Glioma Cellular Genetics Resource he also helps developing new cellular models to underpin the next era of studies into the biology and treatment of glioma - one of the more aggressive forms of brain cancer. Prof Pollard’s research has been recently featured in an article published by “The Times”.

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