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Only a few days left to apply for cross-disciplinary fellowships

The application deadline for the MRC/UoE Cross-Disciplinary Post-Doctoral Fellowships (XDF) is 29 March 2019. 

The Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships [XDF] Programme - launched in 2018 - partners the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics to maximise new cross-disciplinary opportunities in data driven innovation, imaging technologies and drug discovery. It is designed to train genuinely cross-disciplinary researchers by recruiting post-doctoral level physicists, chemists, mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, computer scientists, or people with similar backgrounds, and provide them with opportunities to study diverse fields of biomedical sciences with the aim to become future leaders in Quantitative Biomedicine. While the first group of the XDFs (recruited in 2018) are about to select their main research projects, recruitment for 2019 XDF Programme Fellowships is ongoing with the application deadline of 29 March 2019.


Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships [XDF] Programme website: https://www.ed.ac.uk/cross-disciplinary-fellowships

Online application form: https://www.vacancies.ed.ac.uk/pls/corehrrecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.jobspec?p_id=046668

XDF Programme Fellows 2018: https://www.ed.ac.uk/cross-disciplinary-fellowships/programme-fellows