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Chemists and Biologists Meet for Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive 2019

​​​​​​​Almost a hundred researchers from nine different countries visited IGMM to attend the Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive 2019 symposium, 6-7 June.

Registration at B&B 2019

The second edition of this ever-growing event was organised and hosted once again by Professor Asier Unciti-Broceta of the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre and Dr Marc Vendrell of the Queen's Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh. 

The symposium, which brought together chemists and biologists, showcased advanced bioorthogonal and bioresponsive strategies from leading UK and international experts, including Vince Rotello (UMass), Sarah Heilshorn (Stanford), Ben Davis (Oxford), Ludovic Jullien (Sorbonne) and Karen Faulds (Strathclyde).

Attendees also heard from Jason Chin (Cambridge), a presentation which was open to all at IGMM and attended by almost 150 people.

The event also provided an opportunity for young academics and industry researchers to present their last discoveries with 8 oral presentations, 10 flash communications and 21 posters.


It is exciting to see how the ‘B&B’ community continues to grow and the generosity of speakers in communicating their best research, including unpublished results, is inspiring.

Professor Asier Unciti-BrocetaCancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre


For further details about the event, visit the Royal Society of Chemistry’s website.