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News 2019

An archive of CRUK Edinburgh Centre News from 2019

Open approach to animal research earns accolade

The University’s work on communicating how animals are used in research has won a national award: December 2019

Olaparib approved in Scotland as new ovarian cancer treatment

Professor Charlie Gourley
Clinical trial with key contributions from Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre clinicians leads to approval of cancer drug olaparib as new ovarian cancer treatment in Scotland: December 2019

The 1st Annual Conference of the Edinburgh University Oncology Society

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre staff and affiliates played important role during the 1st Annual Conference organised by the Edinburgh University Oncology Society: November 2019

Professor David Cameron appointed BIG Chair

Professor David Cameron becomes new Chair of the Breast International Group (BIG against breast cancer), the largest global not-for-profit network for academic breast cancer research groups: November 2019

Human Gut Cell Atlas – Normal Intestine and Crohn’s Disease

Edinburgh researchers receive support from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to provide new insights into Crohn’s disease: November 2019

IGMM welcomes the public inside for Doors Open Day

The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine opened its doors to the public for its fourth Doors Open Day last month, hosting almost 200 visitors: October 2019

A new role for autophagy in EGFR recycling and signalling

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists demonstrated that autophagy regulates recycling and signalling of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor: October 2019

Novel cell states in melanoma progression and residual disease

Using zebrafish models to visualise cells at the site of melanoma residual disease with the potential to drive melanoma recurrence: October 2019

Drug trial offers hope of improved ovarian cancer treatments

Pivotal ovarian cancer clinical trial with key contributions from Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre clinician: September 2019

Exosome-directed catalyst prodrug activation in cancer cells

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists hijack cancer-cell secreted exosomes to enable cytotoxic drug activation in tumour cells: September 2019

First successful research grant application with an XDF Programme Fellow as the Lead Applicant

Our XDF Programme Fellow, Dr Mattia Marenda, awarded SULSA Technology Seed Funding: September 2019

Our Academic Consultant Oncologist among the finalists of the Scottish Women's Awards 2019!

Dr Olga Oikonomidou from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre has been named for the second time as one of the finalists of the Scottish Women’s Awards: August 2019

Cancer study to ease plight of people at advanced stages of illness

Man receiving immunotherapy
Patients with advanced cancer are to test a therapy aimed at reducing their symptoms and improving quality of life: July 2019

Shining a Light on Genetic Disorders

On 18 June the public joined researchers, clinicians and patients at the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine for ‘Shining a Light on Genetic Disorders’, part of this year’s MRC Festival of Medical Research: June 2019

New connection between ribosome biogenesis and cellular senescence

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre researchers discover that inhibition of ribosome biogenesis protein LSG1 causes endoplasmic reticular disruption and cellular senescence: June 2019

£12 Million fund for scientists to perform vital brain cancer research

Scientists are set to receive over £12 million from Cancer Research UK and The Brain Tumour Charity to find new ways to treat brain tumours: June 2019

Chemists and Biologists Meet for Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive 2019

​​​​​​​Almost a hundred researchers from nine different countries visited IGMM to attend the Bioorthogonal & Bioresponsive 2019 symposium, 6-7 June.

In HER2 positive early breast cancer 6 months treatment with Herceptin is as good as 12 months for preventing cancer return

Professor David Cameron and Doctor Peter Hall from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre contributed to the PERSEPHONE clinical trial that provided crucial new insights into treatment of breast cancer patients with drug Herceptin: June 2019

A link between innate immune sensing and cellular senescence 

TLR2 expression is induced during Oncogene Induced Senescence (OIS)
Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists discover a cell intrinsic tumour suppressor role of the innate immune sensor Toll-like receptor 2: June 2018

Recognition during the 3Rs day

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre’s Technician receives an award during the 3Rs symposium: June 2018

Optimising chemotherapy for frail and elderly patients with advanced gastroesophageal cancer: the GO2 Phase III Trial

Dr Peter Hall from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre presents results of the GO2 phase III clinical trial at the ASCO conference: May 2019

£6 million fund to boost number of Scots doctors involved in cancer research

Scottish science is set to receive a multimillion pound boost to transform training for doctors who undertake cancer research – and help retain women scientists in the field: May 2019

Breast cancer study to focus on tumour DNA in blood

Research into an advanced form of breast cancer is set to aid understanding of cancer biology. The project is focused on secondary breast cancer – an incurable form of the condition that occurs when the cancer spreads to other parts of the body: April 2019

Important new insights into the function of a key autophagy protein

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists provide new insights into the regulation and function of ATG16L1 – a key autophagy protein: April 2019

First research publication attributed to the XDF Programme

Melissa Model Overview
One of our XDF Programme Fellows, Dr Chantriolnt-Andreas Kapourani, authored an exciting research paper in “Genome Biology”: April 2019

Science at the Interface to Industry

science at the interface of industry
Workshop running from 24 - 26th April located at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine: March 2019

Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit featured in “SLAS Discovery”

Editorial in a prominent drug discovery journal features CRUK Edinburgh Centre’s Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit and its phenotypic drug discovery activities: March 2019

PhD-studentship available to work on ovarian cancer

A funded PhD-studentship is available in the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre to work on ovarian cancer.

Shining a light on genetic disorders

The importance of the Patient Voice: February 2019

Professor Pollard’s research featured in “The Times”

Research of the CRUK Edinburgh Centre scientist, Prof Steven Pollard, has been featured by “The Times”: February 2019

Only a few days left to apply for cross-disciplinary fellowships

XDF Programme
The application deadline for the MRC/UoE Cross-Disciplinary Post-Doctoral Fellowships (XDF) is 29 March 2019. 

European Funding Success

Funding from the European Research Council will enable critical work on nanomedical devices designed to help treatment of cancer and chronic pain.

Study sheds light on damage linked to ageing

Some of the damaging cell effects linked to ageing could be prevented by manipulating tiny parts of cells, a study shows: February 2019

HER2 drives an increased hypoxic response in breast cancer

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre scientists provide new insights into the role of HER2 in breast cancer cell signalling in hypoxia: February 2019

Developing and demonstrating public presentation skills

The IGMM Heat of the 3MT Competition and “Do Your Looks Betray You?”: February 2019

Our researcher became the first female to win the Montane Spine Race!

Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track/Cancer Research UK Fellow Jasmin Paris became the first female to win the gruelling 268 mile Montane Spine Race along the Pennine Way: January 2019

Distinguishing acquired resistance from dormant tumours in neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer

A study led by researchers from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre sheds new light on differences between dormant and treatment resistant tumours: January 2019

Our student co-organises a national conference

Laura Gomez-Cuadrado, a PhD student from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, was a member of the organising committee of a BACR conference in London: December 2018